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Updated May 3, 2006 1:40:12 GMT -5 by Deleted     5 comments    0 likes    767 visits
This tutorial will teach you how to make scanlines/gridlines like so: Step 1 : Open your image that you want to use. I'm going to use: ...
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Updated Apr 29, 2006 13:18:36 GMT -5 by Peter     3 comments    0 likes    621 visits
This is how you can make a quick and easy pattern... 1) Start by a new photoshop document (File --> New). 2) The box where u put the sizes will come up... input these...
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Updated Apr 29, 2006 13:17:13 GMT -5 by Peter     6 comments    0 likes    671 visits
Admit it, we all get sick of the boring pixel text every once in a while. Well here's a tut to spiffen up your pixel text, so it doesn't look so boring! STEP ONE: Open your signature,...
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Updated Apr 23, 2006 14:00:49 GMT -5 by ½ n00b     3 comments    0 likes    727 visits
OK this is a tutorial for people who dont know how to do pixel strecth, its not really that difficult so I hope this helps! Ok here we go 1)Open up a render and resize it and...
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Updated Apr 23, 2006 12:58:24 GMT -5 by Smangii     15 comments    0 likes    984 visits
1.) Open your sig that you want to do zoom animation in. I will use this sig for this tutorial: 2.) Merge all the lay...
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Updated Apr 23, 2006 9:54:57 GMT -5 by .яσzєг™     3 comments    0 likes    730 visits
No Preview Available...
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Updated Apr 17, 2006 17:35:53 GMT -5 by Smangii     6 comments    0 likes    828 visits
Welcome to the tutorial on how to create a button! Like this one: This tutorial is done in PSP X, but I'm sure this is...
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Updated Mar 21, 2006 18:45:02 GMT -5 by Peter     1 comments    0 likes    759 visits
I'm using Paint Shop Pro 8, but I'm sure this is also capable with PSP 9, and 10. I had to do a lot of random things with PSP to find out how this works...xP Step 1 : Open the background...