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Last post Dec 10, 2023 17:43:39 GMT -5

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Updated Dec 8, 2016 7:27:09 GMT -5 by boneman     2 comments    0 likes    497 visits
Hi, I have a board at http://sonsofsibelius.proboards.com and I am looking to update the look if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful! Thanks Kevin...
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Updated Nov 8, 2016 21:46:20 GMT -5 by Rebecca     1 comments    0 likes    690 visits
I am looking for a way to change the gender options available on the member profile. Instead of Male or Female, I would like the options to be He/His and She/Her. I'm totally find with simple...
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Updated Oct 24, 2016 15:38:51 GMT -5 by indis     0 comments    0 likes    357 visits
Love the NIght Rising theme and want to use it - but some of the text is black on black.  For example in create a thread, the subject line cannot be read. This problem shows...
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Updated Sept 12, 2016 13:40:28 GMT -5 by chakakhan     0 comments    0 likes    443 visits
My computer might be messing up right now but I can't find a miniprofile background code that works. Unfortunately I cannot use the plugin of the same name from the library because it uses superkeys...
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Updated Aug 27, 2016 11:31:18 GMT -5 by alleyvandal     189 comments    0 likes    82,716 visits
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Updated Jun 24, 2015 11:37:42 GMT -5 by tornadogts     3 comments    0 likes    2,223 visits
I have been trying with my limited knowledge to make something on my own but to no avail so far, so here I am. I have horizontal mini profiles like here and I would like to get a template code that...
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Updated Aug 31, 2011 12:11:25 GMT -5 by Phoenix     1 comments    0 likes    1,406 visits
Welcome to the third and latest installment of my popular series of tutorials, Introduction to JavaScript for ProBoards. This tutorial is intended to teach you basic concepts...
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Updated May 29, 2007 13:50:26 GMT -5 by Ek0s     2 comments    0 likes    1,053 visits
I have been posting this up at every site that I'm a member of, because I usually have tons of people asking me how to install my templates. :o I don't mind them asking, but I figured this...