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Updated Aug 18, 2016 23:04:09 GMT -5 by Kami     1 comments    0 likes    352 visits
Hi. I am looking for someone who can make me a theme that uses the Google Material Design! Thanks, and more info is below. I have some resources, if you'd like to use them and how I want...
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Updated Jun 18, 2016 14:12:05 GMT -5 by oreoisme     0 comments    0 likes    259 visits
Hello, I am moving back onto boards, which I've not used in over 8 years, and I am looking to make a semi-fantasy canine/wolf RPG. I am not good with coding and design and will be in need of a lot of...
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Updated Apr 28, 2016 20:53:11 GMT -5 by Smangii     3 comments    0 likes    332 visits
Anyone got some good tutorials on coding layouts? I have minimal html/css knowledge and that was 7 years ago. I searched up some tutorials myself but I feel like a lot of the stuff is outdated....
shadyrabbit Avatar
Updated Apr 28, 2016 20:41:10 GMT -5 by Smangii     4 comments    1 likes    446 visits
Hello, I'm working on a theme at Neural Hook an RP about a bunch of people stuck in a VRMMO. I want to have design elements that put...
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Updated Apr 23, 2016 14:22:54 GMT -5 by Kami     11 comments    1 likes    583 visits
2011 > 2016 ...
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Updated Apr 18, 2016 21:24:44 GMT -5 by Phoenix     7 comments    0 likes    384 visits
I went through my PC the other day, just looking at some stuff and have lots of unfinished works. Lots of them at the time I thought they were great, but I just couldn't finish them... now looking at...
Kami Avatar
Updated Apr 18, 2016 16:51:31 GMT -5 by Kami     3 comments    0 likes    305 visits
abandoned bc my nail lady quit her job for a different one, but she had a really scary website so i wanted to help her out bc she did good work. didn't...
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Updated Apr 17, 2016 20:31:12 GMT -5 by Smangii     3 comments    0 likes    338 visits
I would like to use it for my forum....
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Updated Apr 17, 2016 20:27:22 GMT -5 by Smangii     2 comments    0 likes    321 visits
http://thomasnguyen.co/recent.png I know a very trendy website design but would love to get some input before I start to code this boy up....
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Updated Apr 11, 2016 0:04:44 GMT -5 by Deleted     6 comments    0 likes    1,039 visits
I know @cowardlydog and I were probably the only ones using PaintShopPro back in the day... But does anyone happen to have the program still installed and might be able to open a ...
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Updated Apr 9, 2016 21:25:23 GMT -5 by elli     3 comments    0 likes    629 visits
https://spiritjs.io/ Figured I'd share this really neat tool that is in the works... and ask if anyone else has seen something similar or has a method for animation on the web...
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Updated Apr 7, 2016 19:45:22 GMT -5 by Smangii     8 comments    0 likes    371 visits
http://i.imgur.com/JSJlaCY.png update 3 http://i.imgur.com/te5aVut.png - update 2 http://puu.sh/nUohX/64be3982ee.jpg currently designing, could use some criticism. not sure what...
SableDaCake Avatar
Updated Mar 30, 2016 11:50:22 GMT -5 by elli     4 comments    0 likes    365 visits
Hey guys! I've been a lurker on this site for quite a while and have gotten some great codes from here. I know there's a lot of people who post looking for advise on their designs, so I wanted to...
earlciel Avatar
Updated Mar 26, 2016 19:35:05 GMT -5 by Smangii     1 comments    0 likes    342 visits
Hello! I'm pretty new to coding and I wasn't sure where else to ask this but... Is there a way to make a div that contain's a person's avatar, maybe a link to their messages, a logout...
theanswer Avatar
Updated Feb 2, 2016 15:32:04 GMT -5 by baggedgti916     41 comments    0 likes    1,749 visits
http://thomasnguyen.co/atrium-1.png tell me what you guys think PLZ...
Phoenix Avatar
Updated Jan 26, 2016 13:33:46 GMT -5 by liza     4 comments    0 likes    578 visits
http://bezier.method.ac/?utm_campaign=Sketch_News_3&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Sketch%2BNews Fun game I found on Reddit, wanted to share....
hoot Avatar
Updated Jan 1, 2016 16:40:43 GMT -5 by hoot     0 comments    0 likes    310 visits
Looking for a certain skin right now. I have looked but found nothing that fits it. Plus, I am not very good at coding on my own. If anyone could help me I would much appreciate it! I really enjoy...
ǻñî§ђ™ Avatar
Updated Dec 29, 2015 13:36:06 GMT -5 by zaynes     3 comments    0 likes    520 visits
I've not made a JavaScript code in a very long time now, but I want to get some decent practice in now as I want to do some web development. Is coding for ProBoards as fun and challenging as it used...
symphony1991 Avatar
Updated Dec 15, 2015 10:16:40 GMT -5 by symphony1991     0 comments    0 likes    272 visits
Hey guys, my name is Sym. I'm looking to create my own horse stable/human rpg and am looking for someone that would like to be the site skin maker and such. I've been having a hard time finding...
secretsauceguild Avatar
Updated Dec 10, 2015 13:30:05 GMT -5 by secretsauceguild     3 comments    0 likes    354 visits
I'm trying to completely upload PookieTart's AbsoluteMadness theme onto my Forums. I'm just not sure how. I've downloaded the file and uploaded the PBT file onto the forums using the Theme Manager,...