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Code Collection

Our community's collection of FREE HTML and CSS codes, layout templates, and plugins ready to copy and paste.

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Updated Aug 15, 2023 19:21:19 GMT -5 by xmysticwolfx     21 comments    6 likes    14,563 visits
Smangii's Side Tables ... for V5! Based on my old V4 code found here...
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Updated Dec 24, 2017 20:14:01 GMT -5 by citiestoashes     11 comments    7 likes    4,999 visits
Preview:  Same as the original for v4 (and honestly, that one works too). This one is just edited a little bi...
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Updated Jan 18, 2015 7:00:03 GMT -5 by ❤†ΕΑ❤     0 comments    6 likes    1,251 visits
Put this code wherever you want it; I recommend Main Footer, but I originally made this in Templates and then moved to Global Footer and finally to main :) <div class="container">...
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Updated Jun 25, 2014 17:18:16 GMT -5 by Smangii     2 comments    5 likes    4,737 visits
Customizing & Coloring Usernames I've been asked this quite a lot, and I realize there is no real code provided to fully customize the usernames. So I've create...
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Updated Nov 6, 2013 7:46:55 GMT -5 by phorce     1 comments    0 likes    1,114 visits
Allows you to swap a word / piece of text. Goes into your global footer, or main footer, depending on where you want it to work. No HTML, it's just for plain text changes...
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Updated Jun 14, 2013 7:07:21 GMT -5 by rickz     5 comments    4 likes    1,594 visits
This will turn your forum upside down, making it easier to read: <style type="text/css"> <!-- /* Turn Forum Upside Down */ #wrapper{ ...